The fight

On Saturday January 20th, I opened the door to let my cat Zazu in. He was laying down not moving and barely able to meow. Jonathan picked him up and stood him up and that is where we seen the leg completely dangling and him not walking on it. Unknown of the damages or what happened we rushed him to a vet office. They took a series of X-rays and let us know his leg is completely gone. It was turned completely ruining all ligaments. They shaved him down where we could see where he got attacked. My aunt called while waiting at the office to inform me they have seen a large abundance of coyotes in the neighborhood.  When the vet returned our options limited to repair, amputation, euthanize. Well this was our baby and euthanize wasn’t an option but repair wasn’t in our budget. The next day, we found a place to amputate but then something didn’t feel right. Our family vet called me and was extremely concerned. My cat isn’t walking, he isn’t eating and he isn’t using the restroom which no one ever bothered to discuss with us. We rushed him to the family vet Monday morning. Zazu was dehydrated and needed fluids and a few days hospital stay. Blood work came back crazy which was to be expected. They kept him not knowing when they where going to amputate his leg. Tuesday morning, he’s starting to perk up but still unsure about when the surgery will be and they wanted us to call at 5 to see what they decided. At 5 they informed us that they amputated and he was doing wonderful. Now waiting to see if he’ll be released tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “The fight”

  1. Hello and Welcome to you and Zazu,

    Sorry you have to join us I believe you are lucky Zazo survived the attack ! I’m sorry about the Vets that is crazy no-one informed you, glad you were able to get him the care he needed.! That’s 2 saves for Zazu!

    Make sure your coming home with pain medication this is major surgery and too often our cats are sent with little or no pain meds. Pain management is key to a smooth recovery for you and Zazu.

    Will watch for a update and look forward to reading Zazu is home recovering.

    Our cat Purrkins is a front leg amputee he is 1 a year and 7 months post amp. His was due to cancer. He does great on 3 and Zazu will too.

    Your very fortune he survived and made his way home, I know that doesn’t sound good now but it is Zazo will recover and hop on.

    Stay strong we are all here if you need assistance or guidance in recovery .

    Holly & Purrkins❤️

  2. Get well soon Zazu! Your pawrents are doing a magnificent job of getting you all fixed up!
    Hang in there, the first coup,e of weeks are tough, but with lots of patience, treats of all sorts and millions of cuddles, Zazu will be back to his old, new self in no time. You are going to be amazed at what kitty antics can be achieved on 3!
    All the very best from Stewie and his Pride Of kittens

  3. Ohhhh wow it’s amazing Zazu survived! What a heroic thing you did to help him so quickly and get him the care he needed. He’s a lucky boy.

    We hope his homecoming was sweet. Please let us know how he’s doing OK? We are cheering for you guys!

  4. Thank you all for the support!!! Is it common to have refusal to eat for you guys? I just don’t know what to expect we do have a vet appointment in the morning but I’m just so worried about my baby. Thanks again all!!!

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